Why Most Marketing Sucks

Jan 2nd, 2004 by Tony in Your Marketing Sucks

There are seven key reasons marketing sucks at far too many companies:

  1. They don’t really know what marketing is, but in Kafkaesque fashion, they are going to spend money on it
  2. They go by generalities, even though every situation is different
  3. They do not employ a swarming offense, hitting everyone everywhere they turn
  4. They launch expensive programs and campaigns that are devoid of innovative thinking
  5. They ignore readily available research that would allow them to pinpoint ideal prospects
  6. Corporate management allows the drivers of the marketing process to remain unaccountable for generating a measurable return on the investment that it take to produce the marketing programs
  7. Managers refuse to admit that the only meaningful return on investment is measured by the recruitment of new customers and/or the sale of additional products to existing customers.

— Mark Stevens, Your Marketing Sucks, Chapter 1

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