Love Is The Killer App

May 7th, 2002 by Tony in * commentary, * one-offs

Tim Sanders is “Chief Solutions Expert” at Yahoo! and this books is, in part, his tale of how being a “lovecat” helped him get that job, and helped Yahoo! make lots of money. Whilst that section of the book, which takes about about the first third, is mildly interesting, I was much more impressed by the second section: “Knowledge”, which takes as its central thesis that you really need to read. Not magazine articles (the “between-meal snacks”), or electronic news (“candy and soda”), but real-life, dead-tree, books. Ideally in hardback (“A paperback is made to be read. A hardcover is made to be studied”). He spends a long time on how you know what to read, how to read what you’re reading, how to process what you’ve read, and how to apply what you’ve learnt. It’s all fairly basic stuff, but I’ve often been amazed at how little “professional” people actually read – particularly in the “computing” and “business” areas. If even encountered people who get offended if you suggest a book to them – as if you’re saying they’re not good at their job!

The rest of the book consists of fairly basic “Network” and “Compassion” sections (the book is classified as “Business – Motivational”, which is usually a bad sign IME), so I wouldn’t really advise buying it. But the “Knowledge” section is is worth a read, for people who don’t read. Getting them to read that of course is going to be the difficult bit.


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