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Feb 1st, 2013 by Tony in Monthly Reading


Somewhat of a history theme this month. I spent several weeks at the end of December and the start of January driving around Pays Cathare, and with my interest suitably piqued, I sought out some reading for a more detailed background. The first, part of the Osprey Fortress series, was an interesting introduction, and would probably have been better to read before my trips, but The Perfect Heresy was much more engaging. (Update: The Pope Who Quit turned out to be an eerily prescient read!)

Fiction (Series):

The Steve Winslow series was a quick fun read. The books are heavily modelled after Perry Mason, so after trying another series by the same author (and not really liking it so much), I decided to read my way through the original Mason books instead. After loving Lawrence Block’s Bernie Rhodenbarr and Evan Tanner series, I’ve moved on to the Matthew Scudder books. These are much darker, and I’ll probably keep going with the series, but I’m not in as much of a hurry as I was with the two lighter series. The Sigma Force books are a slightly-more-intelligent-and-better-written-than-Dan-Brown scientists-with-guns conspiracy-theory-ahoy rompfest. They’re a little over-long at the start, but the pacing gets better as the series progresses.

Fiction (Non-Series):

Jammy Dodger is a fun tale of ’80s Belfast that likely wouldn’t be quite so appealing to those who didn’t live through it. It’s slightly difficult to know whether Essays In Love should be in the Fiction or Non-Fiction category. Like most of de Botton’s books it’s full of interesting insights and quotable phrases, but is rather patchy. Not the End of the World is a fascinating re-telling of the Noah’s Ark myth that asks a lot of usually-ignored questions of the story. I suspect The Brothers Lionheart would have received five stars had I read it when I was much younger. The Man Who Wouldn’t Stand Up starts off well, but then completely loses it.

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