It’ll be alright if I just keep typing

Aug 19th, 2002 by Tony in * one-offs

This is the same problem people have when writing prose. They think it’s like speaking, where if you say something wrong you can correct it with the next thing out of your mouth – well, not correct it really, but improve it, that is, when you didn’t say it perfectly in the first place and then you have a new idea – it’s sort of like oil painting rather than water colors, if that helps you understand what I mean, but in case you don’t know about painting, you see, with oil colors, you can scrape the paint off if you make a mistake and paint over it (actually, you can’t scrape it completely off, because a little of the residue will impregnate the canvas, but almost all will come off and you can paint over it – that is, unless you’re painting certain light colors over dark colors that might bleed through, well, not bleed through exactly, but can be seen through the light color and maybe influence its impression a bit – not for all viewers, but those with … The delete key is the writer’s most important tool; same for software writers

— Jerry Weinberg, Roundtable on Technical Leadership

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