Visualizing The Process

Sep 28th, 2002 by Tony in QSM2

Steering (Pattern 3) cultures are distinguished by their ability to keep the product open to view. What distinguishes Anticipating (Pattern 4) organizations is the ability to keep the process open. In other words, Anticipating managers are not just steering the quality of each product, they are steering the quality of all products at the same time by steering the process.

Often, under pressure from customers or upper management, software engineering managers become desperate for anything visible to “prove” they have a stable process. In their desperation, they grasp at anything that’s easily measurable and has some apparent relationship with quality or productivity. That’s the reason for the almost universal enchantment of Routine (Pattern 2) managers with counting lines of code. Many of these managers do not even have a standard way to count these lines, not to mention a clear plan of action based on the count. Before working on clever ways of visualizing lines of code, we must be sure of exactly what we’re counting and what such counting will mean in the organization. If it proves meaningful, then by all means find a good way to make the meaning more readily perceived.

— Jerry Weinberg, Quality Software Management Vol 2, Chapter 4

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