Curing the Addiction to Blaming

Oct 29th, 2002 by Tony in QSM3

You cannot possibly prohibit blaming one hundred percent. People blame when their self-esteem is low, and there’s no way you can ensure that self-esteem is always high for everybody in the organization. However, managers can create conditions in which blaming cannot thrive, even should it spout.

The key to a non-blaming organization is openness. Like the repulsive creatures that live under rocks, blaming thrives in the dark. The first requirement for a blame-proof environment is an open-door policy all the way to the top. Openness only at the top is not sufficient, but must be part of a general openness policy. Openness is the enemy of error, and blame is the enemy of openness.

— Jerry Weinberg, Quality Software Management Vol 3, Chapter 14

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