Truly Incremental Development

Nov 26th, 2002 by Tony in Questioning XP

The really extreme part of XP is the way it insists on incremental development. XP attempts to minimize the elapsed time from when a user describes some functionality in detail to when that functionality is ready for the user to test and use. The speed at which the team can turn a conversation about a feature into tested, running code is the corner-stone of XP. All the practices are geared toward making this as fast and reliable as possible. XP is different because it does not use a phased approach to software development. Everything is done concurrently and incrementally. Requirements identification and capture, estimating, planning, designing, coding, and testing are all done incrementally.

This supports the planning strategy of working in short, timeboxed iterations by making it possible to deliver functionality quickly.

— Pete McBreen, Questioning Extreme Programming, Chapter 7

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