Developer Enjoyment of XP

Dec 14th, 2002 by Tony in Questioning XP

There are two things that really strike me about developers who use Extreme Programming: 1) They really like programming, 2) They really like working on XP projects.

Although these observation could be dismissed as being obvious, that would be a mistake because they reveal an interesting aspect of XP – the
fact that XP considers developer enjoyment of the process important.

No wonder, then, that developers are attracted to XP, It values what developers consider to be important. It also taps into the pride in work that most developers share. At least half of the practices are intended to address code quality and maintainability. Couple this with iterative development leading to small releases so that developers can see their code going into production and it is easy to see why developers are attracted to XP.

— Pete McBreen, Questioning Extreme Programming, Chapter 20

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