The Nature of the Battleground

Jun 9th, 2003 by Tony in Marketing Warfare

Marketing battles are not fought in the customer’s office or in the supermarkets or the drugstores. Those are only distribution points for the merchandise whose brand selection is decided elsewhere.

Marketing battles are not fought in places like Dallas, Detroit, or Denver. At least not in the physical sense of a city or a region.

Marketing battles are fought in a mean and ugly place. A place that’s dark and damp, with much unexplored territory and deep pitfalls to trap the unwary.

Marketing battles are fought inside the mind. Inside your own mind and inside the mind of your prospects, every day of the week. A terrain that is tricky and difficult to understand.

A marketing war is a totally intellectual war with a battleground that no-one has ever seen. It can only be imagined in the mind, which makes marketing warfare of the most difficult disciplines to learn.

— Al Ries and Jack Trout, Marketing Warfare, Chapter 5

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