Deliver More Than You Promise

Marilyn Bend, a schoolteacher in Oregon, totalled her car, and barely escaped alive. She wasn’t about to buy the same model, so she went to another dealer. He didn’t have what she wanted in stock, and he wouldn’t order it without her making “a commitment” in advance to buy it. She finally ended up back at the dealer who sold her the car she’d rolled, where her original salesman not only ordered the car she wanted “on spec,” but helped her get an additional thousand-dollar settlement from here insurance company on the battered heap.

Where does it a say car salesmen are supposed to fill out a prospect’s insurance claims? That’s a waste of time.

But the fellow who did it happens to be the agency’s leading salesman year in and year out. The schoolteacher even baked him a cake when she got her check from the insurance company. She bought the car, of course, even though she hadn’t made a commitment. Successful people do things others don’t like to do.

— Harvey Mackay, Beware The Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt, Lesson 8

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